2. "[A]ge is really just our brains gaining the maturity to realize how small we are in the grand scheme of things. The older we get, the less significant we realize we are. Regardless, when you’re trying to figure out why a toddler is acting the way she is, just remember: she thought she was a god, then learned that she was not."
  3. Blair used a PalmPilot.

  4. Serena drinks Campari!

  5. Book quote: always-sweating hands


  6. "

    Depression could follow me around like a sad little rain cloud, but it couldn’t rain on me if I kept moving.

    “What are you running from?” my mother asked one night over dinner. I had moved in with her temporarily after the breakup.

    “No,” I corrected her. “It’s something I’m running to.”

  7. Kids React to Old Rotary Telephones // OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD

    (Source: Laughing Squid)


  8. "As for my take I think babies cry because becoming self aware is a traumatic experience."

  9. "[T]he lack of electronics inside made me feel like I’d physically directed the light onto the film myself."

  10. "Glass helped me appreciate what a monster I have become, tethered to the thing in my pocket. I’m too absent. Can yet another device make me more present? Or is it just going to be another distraction? Another way to stare off and away from the things actually in front of us, out into the electronic ether? I honestly have no idea."

  11. "Deletion scares me."

  12. "Religions are supposed to have incoherent story lines. It’s your job to impose meaning."

  15. I just made this local Arkansas florist piss his/her pants with either laughter or scarequote fear.  Also: boo FTD and hurrah for creativity and surprise and cutting out the middle man, my three greatest joys in life.